Manage tenants and owners in the cloud

A modern all-in-one platform to manage properties, tenants and owners. Handle service from request to invoice, dynamically assign costs between tenants and monitor performance in real time.

Facilix dashboard software with tickets for facility management

Facilix Software

Streamline your facility and property management with a simple all-in-one tool. Curious how we can transform your organisation? Contact us!

All-in-one tool

One tool to manage your entire business process flow. Handle incoming requests and divide costs among owners and renters for any building.


Easily check SLA levels for each request type, measure supplier performance and keep track of costs in real time.


Never lose track of important requests again, receive notifications after inactivity so that each request receives the attention it deserves.

Property Management

Manage one or multiple properties with Facilix and get a helicopter overview of your entire real estate portfolio.

Dynamic cost assignment

Need to fix an elevator? Only charge its users. Avoid conflict by assigning the right services to the right tenants. Split service fees by share or by groups.

Dynamic cost allocation in property management with Facilix

Monitor each property

Keep track of spending per property or tenant and pinpoint recurring issues. Owners have a real-time dashboard with key numbers.

Monitor spending and statistics with Facilix Property Management Software

Document storage

Securely store documents, plans and agreements between tenants and owners. All documents are available through the web portal for tenant and owner.

Facilix acts as a document storage to manage properties

Automatic invoicing

From request to invoice, the entire business flow is captured and automated. After reviewing the signed workorder through the web portal, invoices are exported to accounting.

Automatically invoice spending to tenants and renters with Facilix

Facility Management

Never lose track of any request and give each request the attention it deserves.


Ask for help

We capture an incoming request received through email, by phone or over a custom integration with our API. Each request is assigned a category and urgency.


Get an offer

Send a ticket to multiple suppliers in a given category. Automatically follow up on received offers and get approval from the client.


Set a date

Through the web platform, suppliers and clients can agree upon a planning to execute any open ticket.



Each executed ticket receives its own signed workorder and client approval before invoicing to avoid any hassle.



Combine requests for a given location or period in one invoice and export the invoice to your accounting software.

Facilix Integrations

Built entirely on a modern technology stack in the cloud, Facilix offers endless integrations for any imaginable system. Our fully documented and secure REST API is available to any interested party.

  • Submit any request through email or give us a call.

  • Use our mobile application for commercial or residential real estate.

  • Link any third party application with our REST API.

Create and follow up on tickets through the Facilix REST API